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How to Survive with a Gifted Brain

From: $75.00 / week for 8 weeks

Being a gifted kid is…different. It can be hard, even if your child doesn’t always show it.

Gifted people are more sensitive, or more anxious, and more highly attuned. In fact, you probably feel like they need more, somehow.

I know my students seem to learn so quickly when something is interesting…but check out when it comes to things they don’t want to do. On one hand, they seem so mature and wise, but on the other…they are throwing a fit about seams in their socks or are afraid to go ask someone they don’t know for a pencil.

Did you know that these are all *normal* things for a gifted person? Research shows that the gifted experience is, in fact, different from that of someone with a typical brain.

This course is designed for both parents and gifted students, and is one of the most essential things you can do to help your child understand and process their world.

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The material is presented in two parts: families and students. Students meet once per week for ten weeks, while families every other week.

In this course, we take self-assessments, play collaborative games, read, and discuss the text.

Topics we will cover include:

  • What it means to be gifted
  • Life as a gifted kid
  • School topics, such as boredom, gifted classes, and self-advocacy
  • Perfectionism, underachievement, interests, & anxiety
  • Social lives of gifted kids, including topics such as making friends & bullying
  • Family pressures & dynamics

Participants will need to purchase the core text The Gifted Kids Survival Guide (I HAVE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK FROM MY OLD SITE), but we will supplement the text to help gifted students learn about why and how they may function differently, and what they can do to get by in an educational system, and perhaps even a world, not designed for them.

Participants will take a course survey at the start and finish of the course to gauge learning and growth.