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Genius Hour: Build Those Skills with a Passion!

$100.00 / week for 10 weeks

If having a gifted brain presents both blessings and challenges that the typical school experience may not address, what is a parent to do to be sure their child builds skills?

For me, designing programming that was individualized for each kid– from topic selection to the soft skills we supported to the areas of strength and weakness we worked with– made the most sense. Gifted students need to see depth and meaning in what they are working on in order to access motivation. Even then, they may struggle with organizational skills and perfectionism, procrastination, or communication. I have known many gifted students who were fantastic writers but “hated” math, or were avid readers who couldn’t communicate well.

Enter The Bean Center’s Genius Hour Program.



This ten-week program is designed with this in mind, as one step to helping eliminate these problems by focusing on the student development of Passion Projects! 

Often, gifted students do not get the opportunity to develop the same skills necessary for success as their age-level peers. They do not know what it feels like to need help, and therefore have a self-concept tied to being “smart.” 

Productive struggle and the link between effort and achievement are simply not present in the early years of education, resulting in a host of later issues, such as underachievement, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and disillusionment. 

The goal of the course is to provide students with a high-interest opportunity to develop something that flexes their learning muscles and builds skills left to atrophy in traditional settings.

The process includes:

  • Identifying a passion or interest and writing an essential question around which to base a project
  • Examining areas of strength and weakness (including parent and teacher questionnaires) 
  • Choosing an area to support
  • Background research
  • Mentorship pairing (as appropriate and available)
  • Guided individual work with 1:1 conferencing each week, plus one optional phone or video check-in weekly
  • Any pertinent mini-lessons tied to soft skill building, such as collaboration, communication, using  Google calendar, breaking large tasks down into smaller steps, etc. 
  • Corrective feedback throughout the process.
  • Culminating project presentation, which will vary depending on an outcome that makes sense for the project. It could be an art exhibition, volunteering experience, event, or even a paper or speech. 
  • Reflection and goal measurement

Parental support is required to simply be sure the child is getting out his or her materials at home, however, we ask that students be allowed to struggle and meet (or not meet) the goals they set for themselves.

The course is ten weeks, with an 11th week meeting for presentations and celebration of learning!

All supplies for the project, such as art, musical instruments, programming kits, or electronic devices, must be provided by the family. The Center will do our best to help whenever possible.

The course can be repeated as many times as you wish, because the skills and topics can change as your child changes and grows.

First time here? We recommend combining this course with our ten-week Survival course for maximum impact.