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COMING SOON: Explorations: Take a Deep Dive

$50.00 / week for 8 weeks



Gifted kids need to explore, yet rarely have a chance to do so with guidance.

I know when my daughter was young, she loved sea creatures and couldn’t get enough. How cool would it have been to have given her a chance to spend a few weeks watching videos, talking to experts, and creating materials related to this interest? How even cooler would it have been that I, as her mom, didn’t have to find all of these resources myself?

Explorations courses are designed for these scenarios!

Our Explorations courses run six to eight weeks and rotate in topic, so you never know what is coming next! Your gifted child might get to explore the Titanic, program a video game, become a rocket scientist, or paint with a professional artist. The sky is the limit (at least, for a couple of months)! Gifted students need the chance to explore and see what the world has to offer. Welcome to the Bean Center’s answer to that!



October-December, 2021: Perfectly Poetic

Does your child admire Amanda Gorman? Are they stunned by Shakespeare? Bewitched by Button Poetry?

If you are raising a poet at heart, this explorations class is perfect!

Get ready for performance poetry! Participants will learn using the Youth Speaks Performance Poetry Curriculum, guided by Sandy Bean. This eight-week course will dig deep into rhythm, symbolism, and style, so that each student may find their voice and craft creative works beyond what they have previously tried.

We will cover:

Finding your voice

Writing with rhythm 

Symbolism and language choice

Overcoming stage fright

Performance and publication

The course will culminate in a “Slam Night” where students share their works within their small groups (participation is optional but highly encouraged!). 

Please note that there is a teen section and a section for younger participants to allow older students to explore relevant topics that change with experience.