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“Bean”-ius Hour: Build Those Skills with a Passion!

“Bean”-ius Hour: Build Those Skills with a Passion!

If having a gifted brain presents both blessings and challenges that the typical school experience may not address, what is a parent to do to be sure their child builds skills?

For me, designing programming that was individualized for each kid– from topic selection to the soft skills we supported to the areas of strength and weakness we worked with– made the most sense. Gifted students need to see depth and meaning in what they are working on in order to access motivation. Even then, they may struggle with organizational skills and perfectionism, procrastination, or communication. I have known many gifted students who were fantastic writers but “hated” math, or were avid readers who couldn’t communicate well.

Enter The Bean Center’s “Bean”-ius Hour Program.

This is not designed to “add more” to their plate, as it is not a class per se, but is a time designed to build the skills they need for success in all areas by allowing them to deeply explore an interest in a very supported way.

Spring Course Dates: Mondays and Thursdays, starting March 21 through May 26, with sharing days the week of May 30.

Monday courses run 4:30-6 pm and Thursday courses 6-7:30 pm. Times are first-come, first served and can be selected after checkout in your welcome email.

Other dates/times available upon request with a minimum group size.


COMING SOON: Explorations: Take a Deep Dive

COMING SOON: Explorations: Take a Deep Dive



Gifted kids need to explore, yet rarely have a chance to do so with guidance.

I know when my daughter was young, she loved sea creatures and couldn’t get enough. How cool would it have been to have given her a chance to spend a few weeks watching videos, talking to experts, and creating materials related to this interest? How even cooler would it have been that I, as her mom, didn’t have to find all of these resources myself?

Explorations courses are designed for these scenarios!

Our Explorations courses run six to eight weeks and rotate in topic, so you never know what is coming next! Your gifted child might get to explore the Titanic, program a video game, become a rocket scientist, or paint with a professional artist. The sky is the limit (at least, for a couple of months)! Gifted students need the chance to explore and see what the world has to offer. Welcome to the Bean Center’s answer to that!


COMING SOON: How to Survive with a Gifted Brain

COMING SOON: How to Survive with a Gifted Brain


Being a gifted kid is…different. It can be hard, even if your child doesn’t always show it.

Gifted people are more sensitive, or more anxious, and more highly attuned. In fact, you probably feel like they need more, somehow.

I know my students seem to learn so quickly when something is interesting…but check out when it comes to things they don’t want to do. On one hand, they seem so mature and wise, but on the other…they are throwing a fit about seams in their socks or are afraid to go ask someone they don’t know for a pencil.

Did you know that these are all *normal* things for a gifted person? Research shows that the gifted experience is, in fact, different from that of someone with a typical brain.

This course is designed for both parents and gifted students, and is one of the most essential things you can do to help your child understand and process their world.