How It Works

Extraordinary Students Need Extraordinary Support

How It Works

Extraordinary Students Need Extraordinary Support

Providing the support children need

We provide a step between a school for gifted students and pull-out programming generally offered in schools (there are less intensive options, usually accelerated or honors classes, but these are not geared toward gifted students per se).

Our students come to us for an hour or more per week, joining in a small group of 8-10, 10-15 year old peers. We work on social-emotional development, dig deep into exciting rating topics, and experience amazing passion projects that support grit & growth.

The Problem, and what we do to solve it

Gifted programs currently offered on a mass scale lack the multi-dimensional approach necessary to address the entire gifted child. For many kids, there is a gap between what they need and what is being offered.

Programs are either entirely academic or too limited in their scope, thereby leaving out many students or creating unnecessary stress and perfectionism in others. School-wide initiatives to cluster or group in order to ensure properly trained staff are paired with gifted students are often shot down because teachers have valid concerns, so gifted students are denied the experience of feeling like they belong.

Gifted students who underachieve, are twice-exceptional, or show gifts in areas of creativity, leadership, and art are often completely left out of such programs or are rarely given the opportunity to explore and become aware of the roles they play in their lives. Further, many (even prestigious) schools do not even have gifted services at all, because they are not required to do so. Every kid gets the same experience.

None of the standard programming integrates teacher or parent training or support, so the people meant to support gifted children on their journey don’t understand the differences that come along with their specific wiring.

School is often “easy” early on for high achievers, and they don’t have to ask for help, so they can’t when they need to later. They don’t know what giftedness means, or how their brains work. Productive struggle, curiosity, creativity, grit, and aligning with one’s passion are not on the radar.

All of this is a recipe for what we often see in our brightest children: perfectionism, underachievement, frustration, ennui, struggles with executive function…there are many. Students get hung up on being “straight A kid” or they perhaps think things like “art (or music) isn’t a career” or that assertive girls are “bossy”.

What is happening to our gifted kids? What can we do about it? The Bean Center has a solution.

Our Solution

We are not a tutoring center. We are an enrichment center designed to fill the gaps that traditional gifted programming cannot or does not address.

Your student will come to our center and interact with content in small groups with other gifted students ages 10-15 (some classes are grouped by age). They will have experiences that develop the whole gifted child though our programs.

Our small groups, known as pods, offer deep dives away from what national and state standards say kids are supposed to know and do. We allow them to understand what it means to be gifted and to explore and expand within a safe space, with peers and an experienced teacher as a coach.

We develop the skills that will ultimately shape the most impactful thinkers of the next generation. Reach out and tell us about your child!

We also have resources that make it easier for parents and teachers, because raising the next generation of leaders takes work. We are here for you, too!

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