Why The Bean Center?

For Sandy, the choice was personal

Why The Bean Center?

For Sandy, the choice was personal

The Logical Answer To The Gifted Education Puzzle

Throughout her career, Sandy has always been interested in the differences gifted students display and the unique challenges of navigating the world with a gifted brain (she herself was part of programs growing up). In her classroom, she worked hard to differentiate for her students through compacting, choice, assessment, and interest, and saw firsthand the value-added impact of these strategies.

She understands well how to create learning climates that foster individual development, and prides herself on coaching students to their fullest potential not just academically, but personally as well. She believes relationships and self-reflection create the best circumstances for growth in both children and the adults who love and support them. However, she began to see the limitations schools faced when given the naturally wide-spanning homogenous student population: gifted students were assumed to “be okay” and resources were geared towards striving learners in a way she felt was understandable, but inequitable.


Knowing fully the challenges public schools face in meeting the needs of every learner in a culture that requires state testing and limited funding, The Bean Center was a logical answer to the puzzle of gifted education: an enrichment center, to outsource what these special students crave.

Sandy hopes that the Center can enhance the experience of the gifted child and help them know themselves, their passions, and their processes. She wants them to feel comfortable with creation, exploration, and productive struggle. She hopes to help gifted children see their potential and understand the ability they have to impact their communities. Her services are closely linked with the Renzulli triad model of giftedness in that she provides exposure and opportunity for students of high ability to work within these areas. She strives to help these students get the “value added” that all students deserve each day.

She has a special interest in twice-exceptional gifted students. Sandy’s eldest daughter is twice-exceptional and on the autism spectrum, and throughout her treatment, Sandy noticed that many of the students also being treated for anxiety disorders were gifted, too– so she is working to figure out what creates anxious patterns in high-potential children.

“She understands well how to create learning climates that foster individual development”

Meet Sandy Bean, our founder and your learning coach!

Sandy Bean, the founder and curriculum developer behind The Bean Center, is an energetic, experienced, gifted-certified veteran educator, national speaker, writer, curriculum developer, and momma of four.

Sandy has taught middle school language arts, elementary science, math, and language arts, and gifted pull-out classes as the intervention specialist. She holds an undergraduate degree in middle childhood education science and language arts, master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction and creative writing, and a gifted endorsement from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. Additionally she has spoken nationally on topics relating to differentiation and assessment, and has designed and executed full gifted programming at the middle level.

Sandy is a published writer and has run a marketing and mindset coaching business. She loves reading, yoga, cooking, travel, dancing in the kitchen, and playing games. Sandy resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with her daughters, lots of books, and too many dogs (just kidding…there is no such thing).